And Here We Go…

Gotta give Eric credit, he was right on top of this one, MSU Moorhead has called a press conference tomorrow for 1pm to update it’s stance on Division I hockey. As Eric noted, the climate is perfect now for the Dragons to get into the WCHA with the creation of the NCHC, leaving Bemidji State, MSU Mankato, Michigan Tech and St. Cloud State remaining (I’m not counting Anchorage) It also makes sense, since all those teams (excluding Tech) are all in the same conference; the Northern Sun. It raised my eyebrows yesterday when Dean Blais mentioned MSUM on purpose in a story we’s the link, have a look…

I called Doug Peters, MSUM’s A.D., he had no official comment, which makes me think he knows something big was brewing. I don’t believe they would call a presser to announce they’re not moving forward, I am curious as to what stage they’re at, how close on the money or even do they need some public donations…obvious with the way the state of Minnesota is these days, no money is coming that way. Tomorrow should be awfully fun.

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