Thanks And Hello…

Shanley QB Myles Montplaisir

First wanted to thank Eric for inviting me here to the party…second, it didn’t take Steve Laqua long now did it? He gets Myles Montplaisir, one of the area’s best QB’s the last few years and instantly adds some depth at a position the Dragons have none at. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple other of Laqua’s players join him at MSUM on Wednesday for signing day. This most recent Deacon has produced two Divsion 1 players in Connor McGovern and Dylan Dunn, but they were loaded at several spots.

As for the hiring of Laqua, I believed this was the best and only move that Doug Peters could have made. Laqua adds instant credibility to a program that has lacked it in the last 7-10 years. He also adds that local connection that the Dragons have not had. I asked him during his interview if he  believed there was enough Division 2 type talent in the area and he said there was, just a matter of having those players be interested in MSUM. And there’s the challenge, if Laqua can get the local players, the ones that have gone to UM Duluth, St Cloud State or Mankato to come to MSUM. I think of Perham’s Ben Bucholz, who’s now starting as a freshman for the SCSU basketball team…he was a stud on the football field last season, enough that NDSU and UND were looking at him. Perhaps a guy like Laqua could have convinced him to stay close to home and play at MSUM. We’ll find out soon if Laqua can turn the Dragons around much like he did at Shanley.