ESPN’s Olney, Meyer In Fargo On Friday For Book Signing

ESPN baseball writer and analyst Buster Olney will be at Fargo’s Zandbroz from noon to 2 p.m. Friday for a a book signing along with former Northern State head men’s basketball coach Don Meyer. The stop is to promote the book “How Lucky You Can Be,” a book written by Olney about Meyer’s life. 

Meyer still works for Northern State, which is located in Aberdeen, S.D. He completed his 38-year college head coaching career after last season with a record 923 victories.

He made an inspirational return to coaching after he was involved in a serious car accident in September 2008 that led to having his left leg amputated below the knee. During surgery, it was also discovered Meyer had inoperable cancer.

“When he got in the accident, it was still unclear whether he was going to live or die,” Olney said. “I wrote memo to people at ESPN and I’m like ‘I really want to do this story because I know there are a lot of layers to it.’ ”

Olney had covered Meyer’s basketball teams for two seasons in the late-1980s in Nashville, Tenn.