NSIC Board Changes Bylaw, But Football Remains A Require Sport

The Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference Board of Directors have decided to change their bylaws, however, football will remain a required men’s sport. That means St. Cloud State would need to keep football to stay a NSIC member. St. Cloud State has talked about dropping its football program.

The NSIC release is as follows:

During the September NSIC Board of Directors meeting, President Dr. Earl Potter of St. Cloud State University requested a review of the current operational standards of having three required sports (football, basketball, and baseball or outdoor track & field) on the men’s side and five required sports (volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and outdoor track & field or tennis) on the women’s side.  In response to his request the Board formed a Task Force to conduct this review and they presented their recommendations concerning “required sports in the NSIC” via email Friday, October 22 to all NSIC Board members.  Due to the importance of this topic to all current members of the NSIC and potential new members as the conference considers expansion, a teleconference on Monday, October 25 was conducted by league President Dr. Judith Ramaley, President of Winona State University, with Board members.  The Task Force’s following recommendations were voted on and accepted immediately by the members of the NSIC Board of Directors:

  •  NSIC Men’s required sports;  football, basketball, and one spring sport of choice.
  •  NSIC Women’s required sports;  volleyball, soccer, basketball, and one spring sport of choice.
  •  Removal of the option to allow members to ask permission to withdraw from participation in any of the required sports.